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Dual Enrollment Courses for Current High School Students

high school studentOnly $200 per course

Cambridge College’s dual enrollment program provides flexible opportunities for current Massachusetts high school students to take college-level courses at an extremely affordable price. Students can choose courses to best balance their work and extracurricular schedules, while earning credit toward high school completion* or future college degrees.

Students who participate in this program can earn up to 9 college-level credits that can be transferred to any Cambridge College undergraduate program. Credits earned might even be accepted by other colleges and universities depending on the institution’s rules on transfer credits. 

Each course costs $200 per student. Students may select from courses that are delivered either in a fully asynchronously online format or synchronously via Zoom. The cost of the course will include access to support services available to ensure success in the online course. 

Next Steps

Choose courses (asynchronous or synchronous) and complete the registration form.

Fully Asynchronous Online Courses

These courses are delivered fully online and provide students the most flexibility while balancing work and school. There are no set days or meeting times for classes, so students can choose the most convenient time to complete coursework. However, assignments must be finished on time according to the syllabus. If this is your first semester taking fully asynchronous online courses with us, we strongly recommend taking INF 101—Information Literacy for College Success.

Download the spring fully asynchronous online course list to see available courses.

Synchronous Zoom/Remote Courses

These courses more closely resemble traditional in-seat classes. Due to the pandemic, some classes are being offered via Zoom/Remote options. Students will be expected to attend class sessions when scheduled, and will be required to comply with Cambridge College’s attendance policy.  



Register by completing this form and emailing it back to Registrar@cambridgecollege.edu.


Limited scholarships are available. If interested, complete the Scholarship Application.


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*Students should coordinate with their high school guidance counselors.