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Center for Career and Professional Development

500 Rutherford Ave, Boston

The Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD) is Cambridge College’s career resource hub for students, alumni and employers.

CCPD will assist students and alumni in launching new careers and in the pursuit of meaningful professional opportunities. CCPD will also link employers to a diverse and local talent base committed to success in the workplace.

CCPD for Students and Alumni

CCPD has teamed with College Central Network (CCN) to connect you to a virtual range of career building services, events, job opportunities and field-based learning/internship experiences.

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Once you register, you can:  

  • View career building sites for data on jobs, salaries and employment statistics
  • Keep track of relevant CCPD and School events and activities
  • Search job opportunities and field-based learning/internship experiences
  • Post your resume for employer review (Need help to refine your resume? Connect with careerservices@cambridgecollege.edu for one-on-one assistance.)

Visit CCN


Career Planning and Development

Support your career growth strategies through one-on-one sessions covering one or more of the following:

  • Perfecting resumes and cover letters
  • Managing your brand and social media identity
  • Mastering networking principles
  • Optimizing mentor relationships
  • Navigating diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Accessing professional development training and advanced-graduate degree options

To learn more, contact:

School of Undergraduate Studies

School of Education

School of Management

School of Psychology and Counseling

For additional support, please contact one of our Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Success Coaches at CELT@cambridgecollege.edu to get assistance by phone, email or in-person.

Experiential Learning

Each School at Cambridge College provides experiential learning opportunities relevant to your program including, but not limited to:

  • Internships and field placements
  • High impact practices such as industry–specific case studies
  • Intensive industry or skill-based writing/research assignments
  • Community-based service learning

To learn more, contact:

School of Undergraduate Studies

School of Education

School of Management

School of Psychology and Counseling


International Students

International Students are encouraged to explore career building opportunities at Cambridge College. 

Read about regulatory requirements or contact Vera Dimoplon, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at:vera.dimoplon@cambridgecollege.edu


CCPD for Corporate Partners

Companies and Organizations can work with Cambridge College to gain access to a diverse talent pipeline. When you become a CCPD Partner, you can use the College Central Network (CCN) portal to:

  • Post job opportunities for our students
  • Review student resumes for potential recruitment
  • Reach out to potential candidates directly

Additionally, you can discover and connect with potential employees by participating in

  • Career expos
  • Discussion panels
  • Networking events

Learn more about becoming a Corporate Partner. Contact Phillip Page, VP of Strategic Partnerships, at Phillip.page@cambridgecollege.edu.