• Cambridge College - Lawrence has moved!
    Our new location at 280 Merrimack Street (5th floor) in Lawrence will help us to better serve our growing student population and offer many great benefits.
  • Welcome back to fall term!
    Classes start 9/8. Add/drop and health insurance deadlines are 9/15. See all important dates in September.
  • Robert Goldberg Named as Koch Chair
    Cambridge College has named business executive, innovation expert and entrepreneur Robert M. Goldberg as Koch Chair, Executive in Residence, and MBA Executive Director at its School of Management.
  • The real world is your classroom at Cambridge College
    See how our undergraduate and graduate students helped a local restaurant expand its catering business through our student-run consulting group.
  • New LMHC Licensure Changes to Affect Many
    A small window of opportunity exists to pursue a career as a Mental Health and Human Services professional under existing licensure rules.
  • One of the Most Diverse Colleges in America
    We are proud to be recognized as one of the Top 10 most diverse colleges in the U.S. We continually strive to nurture an environment that embraces diverse backgrounds, cultures, ideas and perspectives.

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Oct 4 2016 - 6:00pm
On phone and online
Alumni Spotlight
Dave Rattigan, MM’16, had a variety of professional accomplishments before realizing he needed a master’s degree to pursue a desired career. As a stand-up comic, entrepreneur, award-winning journalist and adjunct professor, he found the classroom learning at Cambridge College could be readily applied to his own real-life business.
School Spotlight
Can we use math to prove God exists? Do we want to? One former student of mine thought it was a sacrilege to even try to do so. But God and math go back a long time. While not dealing with a deity per say, Pythagoras made math a religion, his cult preaching that “everything was number.” Leibniz, the co-inventor of calculus, proclaimed...
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