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Meet Tatiana

Tatiana Baez
Tatiana Baez, Student Success Coach
Cambridge College is thrilled to welcome Tatiana Baez! Tatiana is one of our new success coaches who will join our efforts in supporting student success at Cambridge College. 

As a former first-generation nontraditional student, Tatiana knows firsthand the challenges adult learners face when pursuing a higher education, which is why she is thrilled to help navigate and empower students at Cambridge College. She is passionate about teaching ESOL, mentoring, and helping students tap into their full potential. She credits her passion to a handful of mentors throughout her life who have taught her valuable lessons rooted in the importance of education, self-love, and perseverance. As a communications professional, she has worked in various facets of administrative and support services, and has held roles such as project assistant, communications associate, ESOL tutor, and ESOL instructor. She currently teaches ESOL part-time at Bunker Hill Community College.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications studies from Northeastern University and plans to pursue her masters in mental health counseling in the near future.

Q1: What excites you the most about joining Cambridge College?
“Being part of an inclusive and diverse institution that makes higher education a reality for adult learners. I’m also excited to pay forward some of the lessons I learned from my own advisors as a nontraditional student. It’s like coming full circle.”

Q2: One study or career advice to students?

“To take advantage of different opportunities, even if they are somewhat disconnected from your purpose and goal, because all experiences are valuable and will inevitably lead you right back to your passion.”

Q3: One fun fact about you? 

“I’m actually a Leap year baby. I’m probably the youngest employee at Cambridge College if we’re counting Leap Years since I’ll be only 8 next year!”

Tatiana’s most proud moment to date – “Taking a leap of faith in 2017 and moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand to teach abroad. It was by far the most life-changing experience, which not only confirmed my passion for working with students, but set the foundation for my career. ”