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Critical Consciousness Series

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The Critical Consciousness Series invites open and honest conversations on racial inequities and social injustices based on current topics, case studies, historical events, digital content, academic resources, and personal experiences. Students will be invited to join panelists for selected sessions. As part of these discussions, we have included a segment called Takeaway Tools, where people can walk away not only with information but also with tangible action tasks.

Facilitated by Dr. FeLisa Albert, CC Academic Success Coach & Senior Faculty and Racial Equity Consultant & Public Health Expert, these conversations will examine the places where people live, learn, work, and play in order to understand the four levels that racism operates: personal, interpersonal, institutional, and structural.

The purpose of these conversations require critical consciousness coupled with a transformational approach that impacts mindset, behaviors, as well as practices, programs, and processes. Dr. Albert will collaborate, educate, and empower those who want to dig up the root issues, examine the lies, and lean into the truth in order to be change agents.