COVID-19 Updates
Updated October 14, 2020

Cambridge College will continue remote learning and teaching through Fall 2020-2021 term. The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and community are important to us. Please see our updates regarding COVID-19 and campus plans.

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The Student Emergency Fund

Each year, Cambridge College provides financial assistance to hundreds of students in need and your gift to the Student Emergency Fund will expand the help we can provide. A gift to the Student Emergency Fund will aid Cambridge College students who find themselves facing an unexpected emergency that prevents them from finishing their degree. For example, more recently many of our students and faculty in Puerto Rico have suffered devastating trauma and financial setbacks due to the series of high-magnitude earthquakes that have been plaguing the island since December. Your gift can help them to purchase critical household items, food, or gas. Thank you for making your gift to the Student Emergency Fund today!


The Annual Fund

Annual Fund provides unrestricted support that the College can use to address areas of need that are critical to our mission. These areas include but are not limited to: 

  • Keeping the cost of attending Cambridge College affordable 
  • Developing new academic programs aligned with growing market needs
  • Providing tutoring and similar academic support services
  • Establishing partnerships with corporations and employers who can provide internships and job opportunities

Why your gift to the Annual Fund matters

Tuition revenue is never enough to cover all of the College’s costs in pursuing its mission and serving its population of adult learners. The Annual Fund is the primary vehicle for helping to cover the gap between tuition revenue and the institution’s ongoing operations, which includes student financial assistance and student success and retention programs.

Your gift to the Annual Fund is also a sign of alumni and donor support for the College, a key indicator considered by both funders and national rating agencies. Lastly, and most significantly, your gift to the Cambridge College Annual Fund helps the College continue to make a difference for the students who come here by changing the trajectory of their lives and by extension those of their families — in the same way it may have helped you change yours.


The Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund provides unrestricted support that the College can use to address areas of need that are critical to our mission. These areas include but are not limited to: 

  • Financial assistance for students who do not have the monetary means to attend college
  • Allow the College to admit and graduate more students. Therefore, changing the lives of more individuals 
  • Incentivize students who might otherwise not have seen themselves as college-going material 
  • Studies have shown that scholarship more than other types of aid, seem to confer a special status on students that can positively impact the way they view themselves and their education

Why your gift to the Scholarship Fund matters

Currently, Cambridge College scholarships and other sources of federal aid (excluding unsubsidized direct and private loans) only meet approximately 52% of tuition costs for students with the most need. The unmet need is approximately 48%. Students are filling this gap with unsubsidized federal loans (Stafford Loan Program) and private loans. Additional funding would allow the College to fill that gap of much needed financial assistance for our students and reduce significant student debt after graduation.

Additionally, scholarship funding would allow Cambridge College to enroll and graduate more students and thereby increase college access and success for low-income students. Adding a scholarship can make a difference beyond just helping students pay their next tuition bill; it helps to motivate them to continue their coursework and persist to graduation.


The Finish Line Fund - Help us Make Dreams Possible

Cambridge College serves a diverse body of non-traditional students. The age and socioeconomic background of many of our students can make affording college a challenge. By offering this population of working adults an affordable education, the College has helped the lives of over 35,000 alumni.

Today, an unfortunate recent trend is that many of our students are not completing their degrees due to financial hardship. It is the hope of the Cambridge College administration that by providing financial support to help current students afford their last few classes, it will help more of them see their education through and yield higher completion rates for the College. 

To this end, the College is seeking the assistance of its alumni to help seed creation of the Finish Line Fund, which will be a major new giving option within the Cambridge College Annual Fund. All gifts contributed to the Fund by alumni will be matched by the College’s donors, friends, and volunteer leadership as part of the upcoming 50th Anniversary Campaign. In a few years, the Fund is expected to support cash awards that can be used to help Cambridge College students afford their last few classes and complete their degree. As we all know, college is a marathon not a sprint, and we think of this Fund as the friendly arm offered to a struggling runner as he or she gets close to finally crossing the tape.


Ways to Give

Donate online

Make a quick, easy, and secure online donation with your credit or debit card in just minutes

Donate by phone

You can use your MasterCard or Visa to make a donation right over the phone. Simply call 617-873-0461 to make a phone donation or send email to for more information about this option.

Send us a check

Please make checks payable to Cambridge College, Annual Fund, 500 Rutherford Avenue, Boston, MA 02129. 

Donate securities

Gifts of marketable securities are valued at fair market value on the date of transfer to Cambridge College. To make a gift of securities, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (617) 873-0461.

Match gifts

Many companies match charitable gifts of employees, retired employees and family members. To find out if your employer offers matching contributions, please contact your personnel office.

Pledge your ongoing support

Cambridge College accepts pledges as a way of spreading out payments on gifts to the College. Donors may make commitments to specific funds payable over the fiscal year. To make a pledge, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (617) 873-0461 or

Make a planned gift

With proper planning, a gift to Cambridge College can result in a lasting contribution for the College while providing income for yourself or your loved ones – and a tax deduction for you. Consider a gift which allows you to give the asset to Cambridge College but retain the right to the income for yourself and/or your spouse, children, and others. For more information, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (617) 873-0461 or